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One of the most asked questions I get is “when you mix the American with the bench lab will they still hunt?”   When I mix the American Fox Red with the English   Fox Red Lab I’m finding in my opinion that half the pups take on that American look and the other  half take after the English look. I am a true believer in “a lab is what you make it”, you mold  the lab    to fit your lifestyle. Our labs are capable in doing   just  about anything you want them to do, our pups have become wonderful    family companions, weekend   hunting warriors , dock diving labs,   competed in hunt tests, been trained to become  therapy labs ( we have one that is a certified blind guide dog),   search and rescue,  and just a  child’s best friend.


Can’t say enough great things about our boy “Shotgun.” He’ll be ONE next Monday. He’s already a certified Therapy Dog, making folks feel better at TIRR. Starts this weekend at MDACC.
Louise-Houston, Tx



Hi Michaela,
She is doing just great – she is such a wonderful dog in every way.           She is an absolute delight.     Dave and I absolutely adore her.     She is my constant companion, and she has put a new lease of life into her big sister Diva, who I don’t think would still be with us if it wasn’t for her.     She passed her CGC test last November with flying colors – I am attaching a photo of our “graduate”!!!
We have recently been taking an advanced course for her to qualify as a Therapy Dog.     She has already had two visits to a Nursing Home and really seems to enjoy it.     We have one more class, then her evaluation will be on Sunday.     The instructor thinks she is well ready, I really hope she passes, but she is still such a puppy!!     She has loved the classes and all the socialization with the other dogs and handlers.     She is also a great star at all the hardware stores and garden centers both out here and in Dallas!!!!       I was going to write to you after the Evaluation to tell you all – but I will let you know what happens, keep your fingers crossed for us!     I’ll email you or call you.
Many thanks for such a wonderful dog.
Best wishes
CiCi Therapy Dog Jozzy & Sailor


Angus earned his Rally Novice title today! I couldn’t be prouder of my boy! Thank you Michaela Wille , Adam Bush, for helping me find the best dog and friend. Thank you Christina Harris McCauley and all our BFF pack mates for making the process so much fun.

Angus Novice Rally


Abby from Issabella. Certified Therapy Dog.

crown candy kitchen 006


Full Fox Red American ~Gracie & Brick Pup at 2 years old

Michaela –

We purchased a pup from the Gracie/Brick litter in February of 2009.     I hunted her lightly in the fall of 09/winter of 10, but this last season we killed a ton of quail and pheasant from start to finish all over the Midwest.     She has demonstrated great desire to hunt, has great “manners”, has a great nose and steadily held point, and her retrieval is spot on.     As I have become more familiar with this breed and its capability, myself and another partner that hunts a lab have started doing some hunt test work.     With no experience, I took Ruby to Northern Wisconsin for her first CPR test with the APLA organization.     Her upland work was outstanding….her water retrieval was good, she cheated a little, but this is an area we have not worked on a whole lot.     Her exceptional nose saved us…her cheating a direct retrieve is some work to be done.     She titled, so we are 1 for 1.

We have not been real good about posting pictures and staying connected, so here is a couple of quick pictures of her 2-year update.     We are enjoying the enhanced training and will be doing some akc, ukc hunt tests.     I look further look forward to our work towards her GMPR…..time to come.

My parents and brother recently purchased a pup from your Izzy litter.     I know they are very happy and continue to have high expectations of the role she will play in their life.

Take Care –

APLA Gracie pup

Justin Cressler


1/2 American 1/2 English Fox Red ~ Jozzy & Mack pup at 10 months old

Here are some pictures of Eleanor at a Super Singles competition. She was the youngest dog there and finished in the top third. One lady exclaimed as I was walking  to the line for one of the retrieves “Now THAT’S a Fox Red”, then  the person with her commented on how “gorgeous” she is. Of course I think she is stunning, but it is always nice when other people comment.   Mary

El Super singles  from Jozzy  El Super singles  from Jozzy  El Super singles  from Jozzy  El Super singles  from Jozzy  El Super singles  from Jozzy

Good morning Michaela,

Last weekend Eleanor passed two more tests and earned her Started Title with NAHRA. We have a couple of things to work on, then will be starting the AKC  Hunt Tests in May.  There are some pictures posted from the weekend on

Scroll down to “Recently Updated”   – then click on CCHRC/NAHRA  Saturday Started.  She is in pictures numbered 112 – 131. She was by far one of the best marking dogs there, got lots of comments on her ability and her looks. Have I mentioned that I love her?   :)

Take care,


Well, my baby turned one last week, and we made the most of it.

First, we graduated from advanced obediance class. Eventhough we graduated, we will continue for another year or so. We both need it.

Next, I entered her in two hunt tests over the weekend and she passed with flying colors both days. I saw the judges score card on the first day and on her 5 retrieves, she scored 3 tens and 2 nines. Ten is the highest score possible. She was fabulous, except she decided on the second day to be a puppy. On her return on one of the retrieves, with the duck in her mouth, she completely ignored me and proceeded to happily play and jump over all the goose decoys in the field and have a great ol time. It was   funny to watch, I had to laugh while making a mental note about how to fix it. She definitely keeps me on my toes. Of course  I got more compliments on how beautiful she is along with a judge telling me he hadn’t seen a dog her age dig so hard in the water to get a duck before. Loved it….

On a different note, we also received her Cerf clearance for her eyes.

She has tested clear for CNM

and last but not least, her EIC test came back …..drum roll………CLEAR !!I am so happy with my dog, Michaela, I cant thank you enough for giving me not only a dog that is perfect for me, but one that is completely healthy.

Thanks again,



CiCi from Jozzy


Am attaching a couple of photos taken yesterday.     She is now a big time swimmer!     She loves to retrieve dummies in the water – just look at that drive and enthusiasm going into the water!!     She is only just five months old – we think she is very advanced!!!!
Write when you can.
All the best.