*Before you Buy*


This section is composed of different articles to help guide you and educate you in finding not only the right puppy but the right breeder.

  The following article was written by our friends  Al & Bonnie St. John from Country Labs. We discussed in detail what we felt we needed to inform puppy buyers of, even if you don’t buy a Red Diamond Lab or one from Country Labs these are some very important issues you need to discuss in detail with the breeder you choose. We both learned the hard way and had to educate ourselves with some help of a few other good breeders.

For those of you who do not know us here at Red Diamond Labs, we would like to give you a quick glance into our thought process concerning our breeding practices.   We started out quite a few years ago with the love of the breed in our hearts and just a little bit of knowledge about breeding.   Having very sound ethics and strong moral fiber, every time we learned of a disease or condition that is genetically inherent in Labs like EIC, CNM, or PRA, we could not do anything but thoroughly research the disease and invest into the testing for all of our breeding stock to ensure any Lab that leaves   Red Diamond Labs would be free from any symptoms of any of these diseases.   We also test for Dysplacia and all of our adult dogs are cleared through OFA, although offspring from parents that are clear of Hip Dysplacia sometimes develop varying degrees of dysplacia. Red Diamond Labs still guarantees these puppies and you can find information about our guarantees on our   web page.

Buyer Beware – There are some people (Breeders) out there that do not share our sense of responsibility to either the breed or for that matter any prospective puppy owner.   There are numerous responsible breeders who treat their breeding programs with the same moral and ethical fiber as we do at Red Diamond Labs, but there are more breeders that are only concerned about the potential income and have no concerns about the breed or your potential losses with veterinarian bills. These breeders knowingly breed carrier to carrier dogs and adopt out affected puppies to unknowing families.   Hips and elbows of the parents need to be certified through the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA), sodont let a breeder tell you that their veterinarian checked them and the hips are O.K.   Protect yourself, ask questions, and require that they produce the certificates that you ask for.   Make sure you ask for certificates for ALL of the lab inherent diseases because these breeders will publish good test results, but hide bad test results.   A reputable breeder may publish that results for a certain test are pending , but watch how long the status remains the same.   Test results only take a few weeks to a month to receive once they have been submitted.

Remember, you may keep this dog for fifteen years, twice the length of the
average marriage today so chose carefully and be willing to wait months for the right baby.

Whether you adopt a Red Diamond Lab puppy or not, please be sure you ask questions from a potential breeder about what kind of testing they perform on their breeding stock.   This is for your benefit, not theirs.   If they say they test for certain diseases, ask to see the certificates for yourself and if they cant produce them, find another breeder.

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