English or American Lab

We would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to the history of the Labrador

So many people ask us, “what’s the difference between the “English” and the “American” (field) labs? There is such a big difference that the AKC is considering splitting the breed. There is a difference in build, as well as temperament. If you are looking for strictly a “field” dog for field trial competition, go for the American field dog. They are athletic, tall, lanky, thin, but have more hyper, high-strung personalities .

We try our best to breed the hyper out of the lab but keep the field trial in the lab.

We prefer the “all purpose lab”.

On the other hand, the English labs are very blocky, stocky, shorter in their build. Very sweet, quiet, mellow, lovely dogs. They still maintain their natural instinct to retrieve and use their noses , but will be much more controllable in the field, and will also be your family companion at your fireside after a day of hunting.

One of the reasons at Red Diamond Labradors stresses, the “all-purpose” lab is because we strive to develop ALL the best qualities of the Labrador, and we do not sacrifice one trait in order to emphasize another.

If anything, we major on temperament, because a dog can be beautiful in conformation, and have a lovely pedigree, but if it does not pass our temperament test, it is out of our breeding criteria.

The Labrador was originally bred to be able to navigate and swim in the icy waters off of Newfoundland. They have a thick undercoat which shields them from the extremes of both cold and heat.

Labs first appeared in English maritime towns that were engaged in the fishing industry. Today, the lab is the most popular breed in the U.S. due to their versatility, sporting ability, and their roles as loyal companions. It has the substance and soundness to hunt waterfowl and upland game. The lab has a short, dense, weather-resistant coat, and “otter” tail, a clean- cut head with a broad back skull and moderate stop, and kind, expressive eyes that communicate intelligence and good temperament. Labs have few health problems if bred by a reputable breeder who is selective and screens for defects in their breeding stock.

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